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Fighting over parenting time and support is hard on everyone involved. That’s why calling a Family Law Attorney will help you with your parenting time (visitation) or support issue. Whether you need to change the current order, receive support or pay support, we can help.

Common Parenting Time (Visitation) and Child Support Questions

Do I have to pay child support if I do not see my child?

Yes.  Child support must be paid if it is court ordered. It does not matter if you have parenting time or the custodial parent refuses to allow you to see your child.  If you are denied parenting time, you should take court action, and still pay your child support.

What is “parenting time”?

Parenting time is the legal word for the time each parent spends with his/her child. It used to be called visitation.

What is the standard parenting time schedule?

There is no “standard” schedule. Parents can agree on a schedule or the Courts will decide. Some Judges have a typical schedule they will use depending on the parents relationship with the child, the age of the child and the situation of the parents.

How is the amount of Child Support determined?

Currently, child support is determined on the income of the parents and the overnights a parent has with the child.  There are also minor deductions based on the parents having other children and/or paying for the children’s health insurance costs. Work related child care costs may be included also.  You can review the Michigan Child Support Manual at http://courts.mi.gov/Administration/SCAO/OfficesPrograms/FOC/Pages/2017MCSF-Final-PLAIN.htm

What does the Friend of the Court do?

The Friend of the Court was created by Michigan law in 1919. Each county has its own local office. Each local office has its own policies and procedures, depending on funding. The Friend of the Court may:

  • collect and dispurse support
  • offer mediation for disputes regarding custody, child support or parenting time
  • assist the Court in enforcing child support and parenting time orders
  • conduct custody investigations

Other Parenting Time Questions?

The Friend of the Court has a parenting time website at http://courts.michigan.gov

If you have further questions, we suggest that you contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys to discuss the specifics of your case.  Each person’s case is different and our attorneys will give you individualized advice based on your circumstances.

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